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Hypnotherapy in Dublin 15

from the desk of Aidan Caffrey .

I began my working life in Instrumentation, which took me from Europe to Asia and most places in between.

I spent time on oil rigs in the middle of the sea and on refineries deep in the desert.

I learnt so much along the way about people and places as well as my job. What I discovered in time was that my main interest was in people, even more so than my actual work. I became fascinated with the different cultures, traditions and associated social dictates, and the effect that our surroundings and upbringing can have on us. I found that no matter how different our life experiences were, we all shared the same basic physical and emotional needs.

We all have the physical need for food, water and shelter. And the emotional need to give and receive affection/ love, to feel valued and have a sense of autonomy and control. We also have a need for meaning and purpose in our lives. We may strive to have these needs met in different ways, but ultimately if
our needs are not being met, we suffer the same emotional consequences.

Once all the superficial differences are brushed away, it is possible to connect to others on a shared emotional level, and by learning about others, I learnt about myself. In gaining a better understanding of myself, I was better able to understand and therefore help others. Self-development and helping others overcome limiting beliefs to reach their full potential, became my
My career change began with learning to practice Vipassana mediation in India, under the tutelage of the esteemed late S.N. Goenka. Then while studying psychology I had my first introduction to the
power of hypnotherapy, through a psychology professor who was also a Hypnotherapist.

This led me to where I am today, finding Hypnotherapy to be a very effective tool for dealing with various mental health issues in my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

As the years passed, I was getting more and more clients that were presenting with stress and anxiety issues. This is partially because people
are increasingly suffering from stress as the pace and expectations of life ramp up, and partly because I was getting particularly good results in this area, as it is something that I can personally relate to and have established an effective way to manage.

"While stress and anxiety are very much
part of modern life, they are also things
we can very much learn to take control of."
Aidan Caffrey.