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Learning Tuina Massage

Tuina is an external therapy and as such requires extensive training. It cannot and certainly should not be learnt over one or two weekends of teaching. This therapy revolves around over two thousand years of empirical research and observation, and to dilute this knowledge is to fore-sake it.

To ensure you learn Tuina correctly one must approach a Master of Tuina or a Doctor of Tuina and learn directly as an apprentice under their training scheme. This can take many years, however Tuina is like a martial art in a way and can take a decade to master.

The other alternative is to travel to China and train directly as a student of TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and focus in on specialising in Tuina. Here again this can take many years to undertake and is not for everyone. One of the considerations I have noticed over the years is to undertake the provision of apprentice style training in my own college in Dublin, Ireland. What I have found is that periods of intense training over many weeks can produce amazing practitioners. This requires hard work and dedication from the students, but in the end the results show. Primarily the contact hours build confidence and keep the practitioner at a higher standard than those at college or distance training schedule. Using a combination of theoretical training with clinical experience ensures a highly skilled practitioner with the confidence to grow and develop their own style of Tuina.

It is important to recognise Tuina as a distinct branch of TCM with its own specific benefits and advantages within your own practice and treatment clinics. It has become more and more popular as a result of increasing knowledge reaching the western world.

This article was submitted from Anthony Monteith who is a member of the Tuina Therapy Ireland and is a qualified Master Instructor of Tuina Therapy. He has a successful teaching college and his clinic details can be located https://www.jadenaturalhealth.com/tuina-foundations-training-kildare-ireland-2022/ . He is a leading Tuina expert in Ireland.

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