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Aidan Caffrey Testimonials

I am in my seventies and have smoked since I was thirteen. On receiving a push from my family, I decided to go to Aidan to try and stop smoking. Though I was skeptical at first I was open to trying. Aidan walked me through some visualisation after putting me into a relaxed state and though I am not sure how, I came out of the session without the cravings that I used to have. It has been two years since my session with him and I still haven’t taken up smoking again. Aidan also gave me a recording which I didn’t feel I needed since my cravings had gone but it is very relaxing and no doubt reinforces the suggestions made.I have since recommended him to many of my family members and friends. Mary G
I have had problems with my weight and body image from my early teens and came to Aidan at eighteen. I initially went to Aidan for about seven sessions over the period of a year and I have since been coming back to him one or twice a year. I had tried to go to counseling before Aidan but found that I didn’t get anywhere. I found the sessions to be very helpful and Aidan gave me many tools and coping mechanisms that have left me feeling much more confident to deal with any issues that might arise and overall I feel much happier in myself. Jenny 23
Having tried many other versions of therapy and medication over the years to treat my anxiety and obsessive behaviours, I decided to try out hypnotherapy and go to Aidan on reccomendation from a friend that had been with him previously. Aidan was very professional and sympathetic but yet frank about my unhelpful thinking patterns and helped me reverse these unhelpful ways of thinking. Aidan’s working style made me feel relaxed and easy to engage with. I now feel mentally stronger and have developed various coping strategies to help deal with any challenges I may face. I would recommend Aidan to anyone else going through similar struggles. Mark

Aidan provided me with a relaxed and comfortable space to help me deal with my anxiety and IBS. I have to say the sessions always seemed unhurried where I felt I was given time to be heard. After only a few sessions I found that my IBS and anxiety had improved. He also provided me with techniques to use outside the clinic so that I could continue to help myself outside of the sessions and led me to feel more in control of myself. Couldn’t recommend his practice highly enough. Cian M

Lorna Milne Testimonials

Audrey H.
Always  look forward to my massage with Lorna she is so professional and I always feel so relaxed after my session I would highly recommend 👌🙌
Lorna is amazing at what she does, can't reccomend enough
Janis K.
Complete professional service and always a warm welcome ☺️

Barry O.
V relaxing and beneficial massage as always

Anthony Monteith Testimonials

I went to Anthony for acupuncture sessions before and during my pregnancy and felt very supported. Anthony is very knowledgable and he is passionate about his work. I highly recommend him. Thanks again for your support, Anthony! (ANON)
Surprising relief with the insertion of 3 acupuncture needles after 4 weeks of pain in my right knee......relief and it continues 2 days after.so so grateful (SB)
I have been getting treatment at Jade Natural Health for just over a year now and 5 stars seems inadequate to describe the level of service and care received.

Anthony's knowledge and perseverance in finding solutions by getting to the root cause is unmatched. Having come in with a tally of injuries from years of running and other sports, the pain I was experiencing was not only impacting my ability to run, but also my day to day life. Through Anthony's treatment and guidance not only am I able to enjoy running again, but have just competed in my first Ultra trail race, when a year ago I would've struggled through great discomfort to cover that distance over a weekly period. (AF)

I cannot recommend Anthony and Jade Natural Health highly enough!
I have known Anthony for over 12 years and through that time I have brought him my sports and health injuries/issues to him without fail he has guided me through them. He is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his services (WL)
I've been attending for treatments with Anthony for several years on and off, for everything ranging from mental health to gynae and digestive disorders, as well as any aches and pains that I manage to acquire. Sometimes acupuncture, sometimes Tuina, sometimes more- treatments are changed depending on how you're feeling.

Anthony always has something in his extensive arsenal to help, and it never feels like anything I've shown up with has ever phased him. He very clearly runs his practice as a vocation, rather than just a job, and based on conversations I've had with others that go here too, he gives his all to every client and every treatment.

I highly, highly recommend Jade Natural Health and especially Anthony to anyone looking for therapist (if I could even reduce what he does to just that...) because you'll get so much more. You will be in expert hands no matter what you've got going on. (AS)

Marion Beuchner Testimonials