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Tuina Foundations Training Kildare Ireland 2023

Tuina Foundations Training Kildare Ireland 2023

So why should you do this course? First of all we are affiliated with the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in China, providing you with direct access to the home of Tuina. Secondly, we have a team of superior clinical supervisors both in Ireland and the UK who will guide and support you throughout your training. Also, the clinical experience you will gain through our Institute has been proven to be vital to the success rates of our students. In addition, we provide full business coaching and mentorship throughout the course, and beyond. Finally, we have a variety of teaching styles that cater to the student’s learning preference and we have a no-nonsense three stage approach to learning to include theory, practical and home study. We believe the foundations of a good practitioner are embedded in the practical learning.

The Tuina Certificate course is ideal for those wishing to pursue a career in Chinese medicine and for those wanting to quickly gain an understanding of TCM whilst also obtaining a vocational qualification. On receiving the award of practitioner’s certification, the student will be entitled to carry out general healthcare maintenance using basic Tuina techniques as laid down by the INMI. In addition this course, once completed, becomes a pre-requisite for advanced Tuina and other oriental bodyworks. This course is ideal for lay people and those who successfully complete the course will have placed their foot on the first rung of the ladder on a career that is fulfilling, rewarding and supportive to the community healthcare practice. For experienced practitioners who join us, they will have an invaluable tool to add to their kit which will immensely enhance the treatment of their clients.

The course teaches the foundations of Chinese manipulative therapy. The principle focus is to embody the student with the fundamental techniques of massage and the applications of these techniques for rejuvenation and preventative healthcare measures. The course has a mixture of basic TCM theory, foundational bodywork routines and entry level business training. It focuses on the techniques and applications of Tuina and teaches routines for general healthcare maintenance.

The course is designed in a modular fashion, each section of the training is broken into theory, practical, clinical and self-cultivation areas. We’ve designed this course to allow a holistic approach, keeping the theory simple and effective and the practical application at a level whereby the student can obtain a deeper understanding of the methodology behind Tuina. We also endeavour to present the student with a classical approach to the techniques mixed with a modern understanding of the body. In addition, we have ten hours of business training designed for boosting the confidence and the inner abilities of the student thereby truly allowing them to embody the work.

Course Objectives

To produce a well-rounded practitioner proficient in Tuina techniques with an understanding of basic TCM theory. To provide support throughout the course to ensure the student emerges into a successful and professional practitioner.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the key areas of  Tuina theory
  • Increase in knowledge of foundations of Tuina as a medicine
  • Experience 20 Tuina hand manipulations
  • Practise massage routines, hand techniques and massage for sports injuries
  • Participation in 30 supervised treatments in a clinical setting
  • Introduction to cupping methods
  • Solid foundation achieved in order to better understand the broader spectrum of Tuina medicine
  • Understanding of correct patient intake, how to prep a clinic and business management
  • Learn how to move blood and chi to bring about change in the body and strengthen internal flow
  • Learn the importance of rhythm, focus and technique to ensure better health as a practitioner and thus better business


28th and 29th January 2023

25th and 26th February 2023

8th and 9th April 2023



Saint Jude's, Station Rd, Kildare, R51 E959, Ireland

Times : 9am to 5pm both days

FEE is 250 euros per person attending PER WEEKEND**

**OR 700 euros for all 3 WEEKENDS if paid in advance - contact us to organise at [email protected]