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Tuina Intermediate Training

The Tuina Roadmap

Learning the roadmap

INTERMEDIATE :- The focus for the following training is as follows

1) Combining techniques together - using to seperate methods as one.

2) Learning the diagnostic skills for working ( tongue and pulse in a pure methodical  manner)

3) Starting your treatment plan - how to build the treatment from a basic routine to a more complex treatment approach

Dates are as follows ( please note you must have attended all foundations to continue - exceptions can be discussed on an individual basis)

  • Intermediate I - Oct 1/2
  • intermediate II - Oct 29/30
  • Intermediate III - Nov 12/13

FEES - once off 700 euros for the 3 weekends, or 250 euros per weekend pay as you go.

LOCATION: Sherwood Farm, Mallabracka, Dunmanway, West Cork


Anthony Monteith is a qualified Health Scientist having graduated from Sunderland University with Honours in 1995. For the last 28 years Anthony has become an expert in Physical Therapy, Tuina, Acupuncture, and Qi Gong both as a therapist and as a Teacher. He has established several busy practices in Dublin, Ireland. He has regularly travelled to China to upgrade his expertise and hold a special interest in preserving classical medicine. Anthony specialises in the treatment of fertility issues combining his knowledge and expertise over several disciplines. Anthony has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses for the last 10 years both Ireland and the UK.